Monday, October 27, 2008

Keri on the Go

I've just finished watching August Rush (2007). Just a few minutes after witnessing again that jaw-dropping movie, I realized it was Keri Russell who played the role of Lyla Novacek. There she played the mother of a long lost child, August Rush/Evan Taylor. I did not fully recognize her maybe because of the over-whelming effect movie has. There, then, after, I googled her so I could be sure. I, eventually, confirmed that it was, after all, Keri Russell.

Keri Russell, a 32-year old woman currently married to a contrator, Shane Deary, started appearing on television the year 1991. She became famous after playing the role of Felicity Porter on a tv series, Felicity (1998-2002). Now, she has already appeared in 21 shows including movies. Her movies include: The Upside of Anger, Mission Impossible III, Waitress, and August Rush.



Here, today, I start out a new blog to post anything I want and I know under the sun. This blog, I guess, will put out what's ticking my mind and what issues, events, people, movies, and music captures my attention and interest. With this blog I share you all the things I have and the things I want to grasp on. Now, I leave you, readers, to be the judge. May this be a blog-learning site to all of you.

Good day, sunshine!